Less mail changes delivery patterns for Reno-Sparks and Carson City

About 80 percent of Reno and Sparks residents might have their mail delivered at a different time or by a different carrier in what the U.S. Postal Service calls sweeping route changes to cope with dropping mail volumes.

The changes started in late November inside zip code 89503 in northwest Reno, said David Rupert of USPS corporate communications in Denver.

Delivery for 3,700 addresses in zip code 89511 in south Reno changed Wednesday; 7,100 addresses in zip code 89523 out of the Peavine post office change Jan. 14; 34,700 addresses for Sparks zip codes 89431, 89434 and 89436 change Jan. 15; and the remaining 41,000 addresses for zip codes 89502, 89506, 89509 and 89519 change Jan. 31, Rupert said.

Zip code 89512 will change on a date not yet determined in February, Rupert said. Additionally, 24,000 addresses on 51 routes will be affected today and Jan. 14 in Carson City.

In Reno and Sparks, 211 delivery routes involving 86,000 homes and businesses will be affected, the postal service said.

“We’ll be serving the same territory, but with fewer carrier routes, allowing us to be more efficient,” Reno Postmaster Renee Brown said in a news release. “While we try to minimize customer inconvenience, it is inevitable that some addresses will be delivered at a different time than they’ve grown accustomed.”

Tena Maximoff, customer relations coordinator at the main Reno post office, said there were no complaints after the changes in November or Wednesday.

An unprecedented drop in mail volume nationally prompted the changes, the postal service said. While mail volume had been around 223 billion annually in the United States, the amount of mail dropped by 9 billion, Rupert said. Additionally, technological innovations have automated much of the letter and flat sorting that used to be done manually.

“We need to be responsible and efficient and these changes will streamline our operation,” Brown said. “The end result will be a smoother operation and will help keep postage costs as low as possible.”

With the consolidation of routes, delivery times will inevitably change as carriers handle more addresses, Rupert said.

“Someone is going to get their mail earlier, and a lot are going to get theirs later,” Rupert said.

Some carriers will switch routes.

“There are a lot of people with an affinity for their carriers, so it’s just going to be an adjustment,” Rupert said. “How your specific delivery is going to be affected, there’s no way to tell people up front.”

These changes are taking place in most cities in the United States, Rupert said. Routes in less populated areas are not affected.

The changes are done with the cooperation of the letter carrier’s union, the National Association of Letter Carriers, Rupert said.

No jobs are being cut. The postal service stopped hiring carriers several years ago and as carriers left it rotated other carriers into the routes to deliver mail, Rupert said.

This route redesign goal is to give each route a regular carrier, he said.


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