Presidential Libraries

August 4, 2005 was a special day in American postal history. It was on this day that the United States postal service released a commemorative postage stamp to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955.

Some people may think that the Presidential Libraries are our wonderful tax dollars at work, but that would not be completely correct. According to The National Archives, the Presidential Libraries Act “provides for the transfer of Presidential papers and artifacts to the Federal Government. The law also provides for the construction of “presidential libraries” at no expense to the Government and for the transfer of these facilities to the Government along with the President’s personal property.” Basically the libraries are privately built and federally maintained. Former Presidents are not required to supply their papers to the libraries, but it is strongly encouraged so that they will forever be preserved.

The issuance of this postage stamp was celebrated around the nation. Dedication ceremonies were held simultaneously at the Hoover, Truman, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton libraries as well as the Ford Museum.

Presidential libraries are important because they help Americans have an understanding of time specific history and our countries leaders at that time. They hold historical documents that showcase our country’s amazing heritage for generations to draw upon many years from now.
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