Bellmead post office burglarized

BELLMEAD – A teenager is behind bars after allegedly burglarizing the Bellmead post office Monday night.

Nineteen-year old Trence Hilliard was arrested for the break-in.

Michael Sullivan, a United States Postal Inspector, told News Channel 25 Hilliard broke into the building Monday evening by breaking the glass out of a window and crawling through. They say he was obviously searching for something.

“The only thing we can guess is cash or something of monetary value. Of course nothing like that is kept at the post office overnight,” said Sullivan.

Hilliard severely damaged several cash registers. The cost of those damages along with the cost of the broken window is still being tallied. The teen also set off silent alarms at the post office causing Bellmead Police to respond, arresting him on the scene.

Hilliard could be charged by Bellmead Police but he can also face federal charges facing a five year prison sentence for each charge.


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