Sandra Rose – The Pharr Rd. Post Office Thug Thizzlez Are At It Again

Remember last month I told you about the thug thizzlez (thieves) at the Pharr Rd. post office going through my mail and stealing my Bobby Brown book? Welp, a couple of days ago I received a text message from a very popular local media personality who said he might also be a victim of the brazen Pharr Rd. thug thizzlez.

Well, if that’s the case, they picked the wrong one to mess with (lol)! The Pharr road thug thizzlez are on borrowed time. They are about to be put on blast in a major way!

Maybe Obama can push through a pay increase for the U.S. postal service employees in his trillion dollar recovery stimulus package to help them out?

And speaking of stimulus packages, what happened to the $700 billion that Bush got to bail out the banks and stimulate the economy? We don’t hear much about that $700 billion any more.

Does that mean stealing from Peter to pay Paul isn’t an effective way to run a country?


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