Post Office Returns Cash Envelope Accidentally Mailed

NEW YORK – A Jersey City couple are grateful the post office returned one of their letters accidentally sent out with the mail. Michael Yun, owner of Garden State News in Jersey City, says his wife mistakingly put the envelope containing the days earnings from the shop in the mail.

“I was rushed, I just put it in this envelope and it’s silly, my wife thought it was the mail, because the envelopes she gives to the mailman, Yun said.

Yun and his wife figured the several thousand dollars were gone for good. He was wrong.

A clerk at the Dominick V. Daniels U.S. Post Office in Kearny had found the cash filled envelope and notified the manager. A very happy phone call was placed notifying the Yun’s of the discovery.

“I have what could be, or possibly, something that you lost in the mail,” the message said on the Yun’s voice mail.

Yun tried to offer the clerk a reward, who declined saying he was just doing his job. According to the post office, this is not a rare occurrence, as large amounts of money are accidentally mailed out and returned about once a month.


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