Acting postmaster also manages Temple post office

Anthony Palomino, Temple postmaster, assumed the same role in Killeen last June when the original postmaster went on leave for an official assignment.

Taking on the job of acting postmaster of Killeen has been no small feat. “Especially in the younger generation, a lot of people don’t even know what a postmaster is,” Palomino said.

His day-to-day activities include visiting Killeen’s five postal branches. Palomino does this to make him more approachable to employees and to field their concerns in person. He examines data of workloads daily for each branch and determines workloads for each employee.

Postal workers may have more or less than eight hours on any typical day.

Palomino also fields customer concerns and follows up with the appropriate local employee.

He determines how efficiently to run each branch in the Killeen area as a successful business. The U.S. Postal Service does not receive any taxpayer dollars.

Palomino began his tenure with the postal service in December 1984. His sister, Melinda, was working for the post office and encouraged him to apply.

He was hired as a sorting clerk at a post office in Waco. He was then promoted to supervisor of mails and manager of distribution operations at the same branch.

He then transferred to a larger facility in Austin, where he was doing the same job.

Palomino was getting tired of being behind the scenes and wanted to work more with customers. He went on to serve as officer-in-charge in Mexia, Copperas Cove and San Marcos.

He was promoted as postmaster of Temple, his hometown, in 2004, a rare achievement Palomino said.

“It’s very unusual,” he said. “Most people don’t get to accomplish that and say they made postmaster of their hometown.”

Last June, he became acting postmaster of Killeen, taking that on in addition to his duties in Temple.

Killeen’s five area post offices already have a 13 percent growth in mail volume from last year.

Each city has only one postmaster who is responsible for all deliveries in that area. In addition to Killeen, Palomino is responsible for Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Nolanville, Copperas Cove and all rural areas in between.

“What I like most is the satisfaction of going home, knowing that we satisfied our customers, while maintaining the efficiency of our service and getting every single piece of mail delivered that day.

I’ve grown a deep appreciation for the employees we have in Killeen, and I think they do a really great job,” Palomino said. “They’re the ones who make it happen. I’m just the leadership. It’s not easy getting out there every day and delivering mail.”


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