A Package

About two weeks ago, I packed up some goodies to send overseas, to England. The package weighed a little over 4 lbs., by ounces.   It had been decades since the last time I did this.

First, I went to the local substation for the post office, at the grocery where I usually shop.  I’ve sent envelopes to England, and I had seen packages sent from there, so it seemed logical.  I was told they don’t send overseas, they are not equipped to do it.  They thought that Meijers, another local store, might be been able to send overseas.  This time I called and was told no, they could not either.  Because of declarations, I would have to go to a post office.

I decided to go to the local Pak Mail.  They say they ship anywhere in the world.  Well.  They do, for a price.  They quoted me, for a 4 lb. box, $75.00.  I had to ask the young man to repeat it, because I didn’t think I heard correctly.  When he said the same thing, I told him, “No, I don’t think so.  Thank you.”  I picked up the box and left.  I couldn’t quite believe it would cost so much.  Had to be Pak Mail.

So I thought I should go to the post office.  I went to Ada, just because I like the small village, and had never used the post office there.   And I should have used the post office there.  But the building I thought housed the U.S. Postal Service, housed instead a graphics marketing business.  I went in anyway, and asked a very nice gentleman, where the post office was.  He told me only about a half a block away, and gave me directions.  But then he asked what I was mailing and where.  So I went through the story of the quote, and he was aghast!  He ships to England, Africa, and other points on the globe, all the time!  I shouldn’t use the U.S. mail, I should use FedX!  Much better and cheaper, never any trouble, never has lost anything.

OK, this guy surely seemed to know more than I did about mailing packages.  Off to Kinko’s I go, where I know a FedX desk will help me.  And they do.  I was told what to fill out, but, I thought maybe I should find out first, HOW MUCH.

The very nice man behind the desk looked at the package, and said, “OH.  To England.  That’s going to be expensive.”

He weighed the box.  He measured.  Then he looked at his computer, calculated, and said, “It will be $115.00.”

And I said, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

He of course, said, no that is the price.  It is expensive to send a package OF THIS SIZE and WEIGHT.  OK, thank you I said, and left.

I went back to my car, in a giddy state of disbelief about the whole thing.  I called Don, laughing as I told him the story, and he about choked as he asked, “You didn’t…”

“NO, Of Course Not!”

I told him I was going to go home, look up some info on the Internet, and try tomorrow.  An hour and a half had been spent already on me going from business to business, and I had had enough.

When I arrived home, I decided to call the U.S. Postal Service, and got another very nice man, who let me know that if the package was UNDER 4 lbs, it would cost somewhere around $30.00.  Still a lot, but also a lot better than previous quotes.

Next day.  Before I left, I reopened the package, and removed one thing that I had put in at the last minute. It really wasn’t necessary to the idea of the package.  We have a scale, so I weighed it again.  A little over 3 lbs.  Great.

I drive to the post office in Center Pointe Mall, where I will always go from now on, and after filling out the forms that let inspectors know what is in the package, it was weighed once more, measured, and then the computer was used for the price.  This time I had to ask her, a very helpful woman, to say the price again.  Because it was LESS than the quote.  $25.00!  A bargain.  It would be shipped economy, and arrive in five to ten business days.  OK!

What an ordeal!  Remember this, folks.  Good things must come in small packages, especially if being sent overseas.  And the package arrived a little more than 10 business days, all in one piece, and appreciated.


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