Don’t fall for this scam!

WEST PALM BEACH, FL — A West Palm Beach woman, who asked not to be identified, and others across the country have fallen victim to the latest mail scam.

The checks that go out look just like the real checks used by a Dallas based fiber optics company, but they weren’t sent by Galaxy Electronics.

Jay Dorfman of Galaxy Electronics explains, “If we would have totaled up the amount of checks that hit our bank and people called us, it would have been close to a quarter million dollars.”

Scammers sent more than 50 of those fake checks along with bogus letters from a legitimate ‘secret shopper’ company in Pennsylvania.

The letters ask people to help with market research by depositing the money and then wiring a portion of that money to New York.

The West Palm Beach woman wired more than $3,000 and then learned the check bounced.

U.S. Postal Inspector, Amanda McMurrey explains, “Unfortunately the Postal Inspection Service sees a lot of these types of offers.”

A local postal inspector tells NewsChannel 5 that nationwide, in just a matter of months, similar scam artists sent out fake checks totaling more than two billion dollars.

He says people are more likely to fall for offers that show up in their mailbox rather than than e-mail inbox.

In any form, fraud investigators say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Postal inspectors say the best way to protect yourself is to never deposit a check from a person or business you don’t know even if the company is legitimate.

U.S. Postal Inspector, Blad Rojo tells NewsChannel 5, “There’s no such thing as free money.”

He says these criminals are often hard to catch, but its worth reporting them to the U.S. Postal Service.


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