The Best Job in 1920? U.S Postal Service, The Worst Job in 2009? President of the United States

The morning after Barack Obama won the presidency, the satirical newspaper “The Onion,” the Minneapolis paper which can make you cringe, cry, or roar with laughter, had this headline: “Black Man Given World’s Worst Job.” The lead paragraph emphasized the fact that the new president would have to spend from four to eight years “cleaning up the messes other people left behind.”

This skinny, intellectual, confident “beige” man, without the personal bicep upgrade of Arnold Schwarzeneggergroper, will have to morph himself into Hercules and redirect the mighty Potomac so that it flushes the capitol, the White House, and the lobbyists’ stalls on 17th Street of the accumulated dung of eight “Bushie” years.

Southern C-Span viewers and listeners are evidently waking up to the “reality show” of what has happened. Some of them sputter and rant they will never accept a black or beige as their president “because they are lazy and immoral.” Who voted solidly against Obama?

The white citizens of Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas—otherwise known as the lynching states. Thousands of people who cheered the murder of blacks from trees and the ever-popular telephone pole yard-arms of Southern towns are still walking the streets of these states.

A Combination Of Guilt And Terror

Having lived in the “colored”/“white” South for three years, long before the passage of civil rights legislation, Corky and I are not surprised at the venom directed at blacks in general. Some Southerners still struggle with a combination of guilt at what they have done to fellow human beings—and the absolute terror of possibly being governed by people they consider to be sub-human mud people.

Over a third of the white evangelicals believe that the world is going to end in their lifetime, so they accept as fact that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ. How do they make that connection? Well, the number “666” won the Illinois lottery while Obama was campaigning for the presidency!

In a society where 25 percent believe they have been reincarnated, 44 percent believe in ghosts, 71 percent believe in angels, and almost half believe that everything on earth was created by God just 10,000 years ago, perhaps it is also true, as many politicians believe, that the brain has migrated from the head to the guts. What’s the real difference between a “gut reaction” and a “thought from the brain?” Do guts “think?”

Whoever Has The Gold Rules

Although slavery in America started well over 400 years ago, it didn’t begin to metastasize until 1803 when Thomas Jefferson made a hot deal with France to buy 500 million acres in the Lousiana Territory at three cents an acre. Napoleon Bonaparte had given up building a new French empire in North America and needed some ready cash for his European adventures.

Cotton, extensively grown in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisana, and Texas, required intensive stoop labor. That labor would be supplied by slaves mainly from the African Congo area. Slaves who had been brought over earlier were marched from the Chesapeake area to the South or were shipped to New Orleans by boat.

During the heyday of cotton, mainly between 1820 and 1860, slavery was the most profitable investment around. The estimated cash value of slaves in the U.S. in the 1850’s was around $4 billion, or seven times the Gross National Product. We had four million slaves in the market just before the Civil War.

Michelle Obama Would Bring About $7,000 At The New Orleans Slave Market

In the New Orleans Sunday slave market around 1830 a medium or light-skinned Negro “fancy girl” like Michele Obama would bring about $7,000 on a competitive day. We have to remember that about half of the “cotton” millionaires in the U.S. lived in or near Jackson, Mississippi and they had the money to create a “fancy girl” investment bubble.

A good field hand with muscular biceps and hamstrings would fetch about a $1,000. Obama, with his rubber-band biceps and bandy-legged hamstrings, would bring about $200—unless he could read, write and cipher.

Owners were heavily fined if they educated their slaves, but bright young coloreds were taught on the sly so they could keep accounting books and do correspondence. I would think that Obama would be trained as a house slave, either to serve as a butler, manservant, or secretary. Then his value would increase, but his abilities would have to be kept secret.

What value President Thomas Jefferson put on his significant-other black slave Sally Hemings was never estimated, but she must have been very valuable to him as a “fancy girl” because he took her to Paris with him on diplomatic missions.
He also fathered her children. Recent DNA tests are conclusive. I think history should not only portray him as one of the fathers of our country, our schoolbooks should also have a chapter on the fact he was the father of a bunch of slave-Hemings. The modern politician would demand such “transparency.”

“So Far Inferior That They Had No Rights”

Transparency was the order of the day in 1857 when Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney, a slave-owning Southerner and believer in states’ rights, wrote the majority opinion in the famous Dred Scott v. Sanford case. The Supreme Court determined that Dred Scott could not sue for his freedom from his owner even though his owner had taken him to a “free” (non-slave) state.

First, in that he was not a citizen, Scott could not sue in a federal court. Second, all slaves were considered to be private property; so, the government could not interfere with property rights. The Court decided further that it could not prohibit slavery in the territories out West.

But what is really fascinating about this case is that the majority of the Court decided that blacks could never be citizens. Southerners said opposition to slavery was “Northern aggression.” Dahlia Lithwick in a Jan. 26, 2009 Newsweek article outlines the role the courts have played in the Sisyphean task blacks have faced in attaining something called liberty and freedom.

Chief Justice Taney wrote in the majority opinion that blacks were “beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”

Whether President Obama had this all figured out or not, it is more than ironic—perhaps over-the-top spooky—that Taney administered the oath of office in 1861 to Abraham Lincoln on the same Bible that the beige Obama used in his oath to the Constitution. Perhaps our new president has actually studied history so he could repeat some of it. Another ironic note: Taney died the same day his home state of Maryland abolished slavery.

One Drop Can Change Your Color

At one time a Negro was considered to be three-fifths of a person for political accounting, and at other times a white was considered to be a Negro if they had one drop of Negro blood in their veins. Unspoken is the possibility that many “whites,” particularly those of Southern heritage, have a pint or two of Negro blood in them because of the hanky-panky of slave-owners with their expensive “fancy-girl” slaves. Some day we will know the specificity of our blood. Not more than half a century ago, black blood was kept separate from white in blood banks.

But the same white slave owners who enjoyed themselves on the bodies of unwilling slaves on Friday nights joined others in lynching mobs on Saturday nights to administer “justice” to those blacks who were “uppity” or who looked at white women. It’s very difficult to come up with actual numbers of victims lynched for “improprieties” over almost 400 years of slavery and intimidation. Estimates run as high as 20,000.

Thousands of Southern men, women, and children attended lynchings as evidenced by the number of grisly postcards sent around the country showing blacks who had been hanged, emasculated, and barbecued before huge crowds.

Typical was the postcard of Jesse Washington, hanged and burned before thousands in Waco, Texas in 1916, showing that sex organs, ears, and fingers were hacked off. The card was sent from “Son Joe” to his parents with the note that he had attended “the barbecue.”

Actor Henry Fonda was among thousands who witnessed the lynching, shooting, mutilation, and burning of Will Brown, a black accused of assaulting a white woman in Omaha in 1919. Brown’s charred body was later dragged around the streets. Pieces of the lynching rope were sold as souvenirs for 10 cents. Fonda later said: “It was the most horrendous sight I’ve ever seen.” A lynching scene in the movie “The Oxbow Incident” was very difficult for him to play.

The best federal job a black could get by 1920 was menial work with the Post Office Department. When Obama was a baby, James Farmer, a 1960 civil rights leader, was organizing voter-rights demonstrations in Louisiana. State troopers and white mobs went door-to-door trying to find him so they could kill him.

Farmer recalled: “I was meant to die that night. They were kicking open doors, beating up blacks on the streets, interrogating them with cattle prods.” Farmer escaped when a black funeral director put him in a casket in his hearse and drove him out of town on back roads.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that in 2009, Barack Obama, with three quarts of Negro blood in him, walked into the White House’s Oval Office, a building constructed on the backs of slaves at the beginning of the 19th century.

But we have a long way to go. The students of Charleston High School in Mississippi finally had an integrated prom in 2008, even though their school and classrooms had been integrated by federal law for half a century. Some white parents, of course, sponsored an all-white prom held at the same time of the integrated one.


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