1 Million Netflix Users through Xbox Live Since November

Remember video stores? Yeah. Those were funny—actual buildings you would enter and then grab movies with your hands and physically transport them to your home. Sounds as labor intensive and antiquated as the Pony Express to me.

Honestly. Even sealing a Netflix envelope and putting it in the mailbox seems a bit too difficult in our technologically marvelous era. Lest you mistake Netflix for a doomed business model relying on the United States Postal Service’s snail mail, consider this lil’ infostat:

Since offering direct video streaming to Xbox Live users in November of 2008, more then one million Xbox 360 owners have taken advantage of the service.

I think we can safely assume that the stamp licking of Netflix 1.0 will soon be overtaken by laser optic video streaming before the end of the decade. By 2020, Netflix will just beam movies and TV shows directly into our eyes from super accurate satellite projectors.

Unlike Blockbuster and local video stores nationwide, Netflix seems to keep on top of tech trends and use them to her advantage. Currently, movie streaming via Netflix is available on the PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox360, TiVo, and select Blu-ray players and DVRs.

As if teaming up with Starz to offer premium movies via their streaming service wasn’t awesome enough, rumors are circulating about a Netflix-HBO collaboration. The Sopranos, Big Love, Flight of the Concords, Real Time, and all the HBO series worth their salt would be at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Naturally, there’s a catch. Access to HBO programming would run an additional $10 a month.

Netflix, Starz, Microsoft, Sony and HBO are pretty intimidating taken on individually. But with their powers combined!?! The ground would shake and the stars would fall from the heavens.

Be afraid, mortals!


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