United States Postal Service’s Express or Expedited Shipping Costs

Most people believe that the United States Postal Service is somehow owned and operated by the U.S. Government. In reality, it is not. The USPS operates by a government mandate, and in contract with the government, but it is a for-profit business with a corporate hierarchy, profit margins and budgets. As is the case with most businesses, sales representatives will often try to up-sell the customer for services they do not necessarily need. The most popular form of this at the post 0ffice is a postal clerk strongly suggesting an expedited shipping service, when it is not needed.Most customers are not aware of the many ways to ship certain, such as via printing postage off www.usps.com (which is priced at a discount and comes with free tracking service for first class and priority), and/or the use of flat rate envelopes, which can accommodate hold up to 70 lbs for $4.80 (priority) and $16.33 (express).

Another misunderstanding is the pace at which parcels are shipped and received. Shipping regions are categorized into groups of proximate states. Each parcel can reach its destination at about the same pace as others in this region. For example, if you lived in Newport Beach, CA you can expect a parcel shipped to Los Angeles, San Francisco, or to Phoenix, AZ to reach its destination in about a day using USPS Priority, as long as the parcel is received by the shipping office by 5PM. Most customers are unaware that the lesser-priced Priority Flat Rate ($4.80), can make it to their destination as quickly as Express Flat Rate ($16.33). Express shipping rates also increase greatly if the parcel shipped is over 1 Lb, and Flat Rate packaging is not used. There is a wealth of knowledge regarding the shipping system online at www.usps.com. This may not be the source of the biggest savings for everyone, but over the course of one’s lifetime (especially around the holidays and important birthdays) the cumulative money overspent on postage can be significant.


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