Demand Surges for POPickup Mailbox Notification Service

PerSage, Inc., market innovator and leading provider of automated, wireless PO mailbox notification services, reported a surge in demand for its popular POPickup service that sends automated email and/or text message alerts directly to PO box renters when they have First Class Mail® or packages. The company attributes the increased interest in part to the recent market entry by United Parcel Service® that has raised general awareness of mail notification services among the nation’s 10,000 mail receiving stores.

“We were quite pleased to see TV and online advertising touting the new UPS® package delivery notification service at The UPS Stores® and Mail Boxes Etc.® stores,” said Gordon Watson, PerSage Chairman and CEO. “UPS’s entry invigorates and further validates this exciting market space which we’ve been actively serving since 2007.”

While the UPS notification service is for packages only, POPickup notifies mailbox renters not only about packages, but also that First Class Mail has been delivered. In addition, POPickup is the only service that sends mailbox renters a choice of three types of notices chosen from a menu of 15 standard messages.

This flexibility is important to store owners who save time by not having to respond to customer inquires about mail deliveries, as well as mailbox renters who save time and fuel by avoiding trips to an empty mailbox. Many mailbox renters are business people who receive payments and orders through the US Postal Service®, FedEx®, UPS, and other carriers. The ratio of First Class letters to packages received is about 100 to one in the typical postal and business services store.

“It’s ironic that our service has received an immediate surge in demand from store owners across the country since The UPS Stores began advertising package-only notification two weeks ago,” continued Watson. “First Class mail is of the highest interest to the customer and typically the most time sensitive. First Class letter delivery notification is not available with the UPS service.”

Postal Connections of America, a competitor of The UPS Store based in San Diego with stores in 24 states, has entered into an agreement with PerSage to equip all new stores with POPickup and is retrofitting existing franchise stores with the service. “The email or cell phone notification is a strong benefit for our customers who frequently come in to check their mailbox,” said Fred Morache, Managing Partner of Postal Connections. The company conducted a six-month in-stores test of POPickup before signing a national agreement with PerSage.

POPickup is a licensed service targeted to mail receiving stores in the U.S. and Europe. The automated, wireless service requires no special workstation or complex wiring or software to install. Other than a store employee pushing one of three buttons in the mailbox while putting up the mail, there is no added labor.

PerSage, Inc. is a privately-held technology, manufacturing, and services provider headquartered in Fountain Valley, CA. For more information, call 714.593.1529 or visit

POPickup is a trademark of PerSage, Inc. United Parcel Service, UPS, The UPS Store, and Mail Boxes Etc. are registered trademarks of United Parcel Service of America. First Class Mail is a registered trademark of the US Postal Service. FedEx is a registered trademark of FedEx Corp.


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