Direct mail messages ‘don’t have to be flashy’

Direct marketing professionals can create effective and engaging direct mail campaigns without using “flashy” techniques, it has been suggested.

A marketing article on argued that direct mail is proving to be particularly successful in the real estate investment sector.

Indeed, it claimed that according to real estate gurus and direct marketing firms, “well-put-together direct mail pieces for loan modification and real estate investing are seeing open rates as high as seven to nine percent”.

However, the article claimed that direct mail must still be well presented if it is to be effective.

“That does not mean it has to be full color and flashy, but it should be wisely packaged to get it opened and the content must flow right to be conducive to having prospects call you,” it said.

Elsewhere, it was suggested that marketers must ensure they use accurate and targeted business mailing lists in order to ensure they get the best results.

Meanwhile, Richard Lees, chairman at dbg, recently wrote for Marketing Week that direct marketers must get back to basics when it comes to managing business data.


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