Email marketing lists ‘require recipient permission’

Email marketing professionals must strive to get the permission of recipients when drawing up business databases, it has been argued.

Eric Groves, senior vice-president at Constant Contact, claimed that when a person receives an email they immediately ask two questions – namely, do I know the sender and do I care?

“If the answer to both is ‘yes’ then the person is probably going to at least open your email to take a quick glance. That’s what we as marketers are aiming for, to get people to open our clients’ messages,” he wrote in a column for DM News.

Mr Groves suggested that in order to ensure recipients respond positively to the first question, a recognisable “from address” should be clearly displayed in the message.

He noted that it is harder to get people to answer yes to the “Do I care? question”, making it vital marketers get recipient permission to emails when compiling email marketing lists.

Meanwhile, Media Post blogger Ryan Deutsch suggested this week that marketers are now too preoccupied with data and analytics at the expense of considering customer opinions.


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