Targeting Clients Utilising The Power of Direct Mail

You might also opt to have a few sentences about the products that they have bought from you in the past to really give it a personal touch. All of this data can be pulled out of an existing database of clients and purchases that they have made and can be automatically printed into the material prior to having it sent off.
The postal service offers a basic version of this form of advertising and it can be quite cost effective. In fact, direct mail printing is shown to be more successful than radio commercials because radio is starting to fall out of favor and because radio advertising is not really personalized. Personalized marketing material is shown to work well because it is just that personal. It is not a good idea to entrust the actual printing of the material to the postal service. However, they are also more in the market of mass producing a single piece of promotional material on a non-personal level that is dropped into the mail when they make their daily mail rounds. To really get into the spirit of direct mail printing it is a good idea to start with a professional printer that has the capacity to easily alter the material automatically based upon an existing database, spreadsheet or .csv file that is pre-generated.
This will enable them to push the print job through without having to touch anything. The customized printing will be done automatically and because it is all automated it will have a quick turn around and you will be able to envelop the material and get it out in a timely fashion. Direct mail printing is a powerful tool and your customers are likely to feel as though they are well regarded (or regarded enough to get a personalized letter from a company they have dealt with in the past). This enables them to feel a certain connection to the company and this connection can lead to repeat or further business down the track.
Delivering the material can be as simple as stamping it and dropping it into a mail box. Consider approaching the postal service for a discount if you are mailing out a large volume of letters (a lot of the time they are happy to oblige if you are sending out above a certain quantity of letters). Look around for business rates and always keep a record of what you have sent out for tax and follow up purposes. You can couple a direct mail printing campaign with a telephone canvassing campaign to achieve excellent results. The resultant business that comes from this form of marketing is directly attributed to the personal touch that is relevant to this form of marketing.


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