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Go with the declining paper flow

I can’t remember the last time I received a nice handwritten letter in the post from someone; all I get is a surfeit of bills and credit-card offers. This makes two products aimed at ending our need for paper-based mail sound appealing. Confusingly, one offers to put my physical address online, while the other is […]


Earth Class Mail and Swiss Post Preparing to Launch Swiss Post Box™ Service in Six European Countries

Earth Class Mail announced today that Swiss Post, the government-owned national postal operator of Switzerland, is licensing the company’s Internet-powered postal-mail delivery platform on a non-exclusive basis. The integration to support the Swiss Post launch is under way and will be completed in the second quarter of this year, when customers around in the world […]


We Could Call It Email? US Post Office May Deliver Mail Digitally

Last month the US Post Office asked Congress for an extra day off. Turns out, with a $2.8 billion deficit in 2008, it can no longer afford to deliver mail six days a week. And with an $8 billion shortage predicted for ’09, it’s going to need more money than May’s 2¢-stamp-price hike will bring. […]