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After The Stimulus: It’s Time for a New Foundation

The Obama administration needs a stronger narrative. If the president is to succeed in the recovery from economic recession, repair the multi-faceted damage of the Bush years, and create sustainable economic growth for the future, he has to have a compelling story line. Most Americans don’t easily understand economics–but they do experience economic reality. They […]


Plugging in the Postal Service

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S energy plan calls for putting one million electric plug-in hybrid cars on the road by 2015. This ambitious goal could be accomplished more quickly if we invested in converting the largest civilian fleet in the United States — the 219,000 vehicles owned by the United States Postal Service — to electricity. The House’s […]


The Greening Of Expedited Packaging: A U.S. Postal Service And Supplier Collaboration

Many organizations are increasing their focus on sustainability – efforts to find more efficient and effective ways to do business profitability while lessening the negative impact of current operations on future generations. This best practices article discusses one U.S. Postal Service sustainability initiative: the “green” redesign of expedited packaging. Leadership and collaboration drove the success […]